The Right Mindset to Create a New Relationship with Food.

You can’t radically transform the way you look without having your head in the right place. 
You need goals! 
When you’re happy, it could also mean you use food as a reward and eat. 
You need to know how to break old habits and install new ones. 
You’ve got to reprogram your mind to stop overeating. That’s what you’re going to learn how to do with in this blog post. 
If you don’t understand this one thing your fat loss efforts are almost guaranteed to fail. 
Because you’ll hit roadblocks on this journey, and you need to know how to overcome failure without giving up. 
Most people who struggle with their weight have an unhealthy emotional connection to food. 
The most overlooked aspect of losing weight is the mental part. 
You need to be motivated. 

That’s important, but there’s something else that needs your attention if you want to lose weight and keep it off. 

You see, food addiction is very much real. 

What most people don’t realize is that they are in a bad relationship with food and it is not helping you. 

I’m talking about the mental part of weight loss. 

When you’re depressed or sad, that could mean you eat. 

Like all addiction, there’s a strong psychological component to food addiction. 

When they want to lose weight, most people focus on what they eat and working out. 

When you’re addicted to food it can feel like you’re programmed to eat all day long and that you’re powerless to stop. 

Break up with food. Get out of that unhealthy relationship. 

You need to be energized. 

Research has discovered two ways of dealing with weight gain associated with emotional eating by studying people who suffer from having an emotional eating response but DO NOT gain weight. 

You need to know how to overcome hunger. 

You need a plan. 

Learning to understand internal hunger and satiety cues are important. Understanding this will help with recreating a healthy relationship with food. 

There are two things to that often need to happen. 

Breaking eating patterns with exercise 

Dealing With Hunger and Satiety 

We’ll start with learning to understand internal hunger and satiety cues … 

Research has discovered that the inability to recognize when you are full is one of the reasons emotional eaters overeat: 

Instead, grab your predetermined portion of pizza (2 or 3 slices) then put the rest in the refrigerator before you start eating. 

Not stuffing yourself at every meal will feel odd at. You’ll want to go back for another helping after you’ve finished off your predetermined portion. 

After a while you start to develop a healthier relationship with food and the process of eating smaller portions will become automatic. 

Because they were unable to suppress their food consumption, individuals who experienced binge-eating episodes engaged in emotional eating. 

The solution to this is determining the exact portions of food you will eat with each meal ahead of time. 
You continue eating well past the point of satiety or being full. 
Individuals of normal weight who engage in emotional eating have been found to consume less food in response to negative emotions than individuals with overweight or obesity. 
Because stress alters one’s ability to be aware of these internal cues, in part. 
Do not order a large pizza and keep eating until you feel like stopping. 
Emotional eating has been associated with reduced awareness of internal hunger. 
You won’t feel like crap after eating and won’t need an hour or two of rest to digest massive meals. 
It won’t take long to realize how much better these controlled portions make you feel. 
Don’t give in. 
When to stop, what this means is that once you start eating you have trouble knowing when to stop.

Remember, a healthy mindset and relationship with food is a process. Don’t be hard on yourself.

Take it one step at a time. Rmember being healthy and having a flat belly should be fun.

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