For a Flat Belly Grab a Kettlebell

Another method psychological eaters who put on weight conquer their bad mindset is with exercise and a healthy diet. 
Grabbing a kettle bell or getting on a piece gym equipment instead of food can be the distinction in between a flat stomach and a huge stubborn belly. 
Routine workouts have actually shown to prevent weight gain. These work outs don’t have to be extreme or intense, just brisk and consistent.  

Not only is working out good for the belly, it is good for anxiety and overall wellbeing. Managing anxiety goes a long way to prevent over eating or nervous eating. 

For lots of people, overindulging is an automatic habit they have little to no control over because they are not aware or thinking about what they are doing. 

Not only can a workout make you feel better, but your body and mind begin to get used to it. The more you work out and make yourself feel better the less likely you to fall into old habits. 

With consistency of working out you will begin to train mind and body to expect the exercise instead of eating for comfort or other unhealthy reasons. 

When you are feeling anxious do a quick little sprint of some kind. Pick up a kettlebell or some other kind of weight and work with it for 5-10 minutes and see how you feel. See if you feel different. 

This approach is extremely helpful if you are overweight and are feeling challenged with by the habit and desire to eat when you know it is not the best choice. 
Keep a kettlebell or dumbbell next to your chair or couch where it is easily accessible. Get up and do a few repetitions as often as you need to. If you can do a few sit ups. Or a few pushups. 

Don’t worry about the workout routine you do. At this point it is not important. After you work out for a while you will notice yourself developing your own routines. The important thing is to just get started and begin the behavior change. 
Here are a couple of options: 

Be intentional about doing even a small work out when the urge to eat food arises. 

Don’t make excuses and don’t put it off. 

The idea is to train yourself so that exercise is second nature. The goal is to get to a place in your life that find yourself exercising without having to push yourself.  

Remember it does not need to an intense workout session. A couple of minutes is all that you need to do to break the old habits and begin to form new ones. 

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